Bulgur ve Besin Değerleri

Mardin Bulguru

Health Rising from Mardin Bulgur

İpek Bulgur makes its all production from the durum wheats grown in Mardin Plain. Because of that the land of Mardin Plain is rich in iron and mineral, it vitalizes wheats of more quality and with high protein ratio in comparison with other lands. İpek Bulgur who has been supporting the traditional production until its foundation produces bulgur by processing the wheat only with water as it is in the traditional production without using any additives in any stages. The wheats produced in the plain which receives low level rain preserve all nutritive minerals in itself; thus they have a much more nutritional value in comparison with the wheats grown in other lands. Because of that Mardin Bulgur which is produced from this wheat is low-grade starch and high-grade protein, it has been referring as a very healthful product. Thus, the golden color which is acquired by hard durum wheats from the Mesopotamia Sun does not wither and gives its color to the bulgur. 

What is Durum Wheat?

Durum wheat is a hard wheat type with low carbohydrate quantity and high protein quality.

Bulgur of Nutritional Values